Translation Fields
With industrial technology related translations at its core, Torindo continues to expand its highly specialized translation services in various fields including medicine, medical equipment, public relations, investor relations, and tourism.
/<strong>Industrial Technology</strong>
Industrial Technology
Torindo has been involved in technical translations for over 40 years since its founding. We guarantee high-quality translations from our translators, who we have fostered over the years, each an expert in their respective specialized field.

Main examples:
Various instruction manuals, service manuals, specification documents, user interfaces, CAD drawings
/<strong>Medical Field</strong>
Medical Field
In the field of medical translations, accuracy is required above all else. Thus, at Torindo, work is conducted following a strict quality control system. Torindo is the only Certified Translation Supplier in the Asian Pacific region approved by a major global manufacturer of medical equipment.

Main examples:
Instruction manuals for medical equipment, applications and clinical trial examination documents for medical equipment and pharmaceutical products
/<strong>Public Relations / IR </strong>
Public Relations / IR
In marketing-related materials, having the right knowledge is just as important as being able to create appealing sentences. On the other hand, IR-related documents require accuracy and knowledge of finance. At Torindo, we select expert translators to match the requirements of each document.

Main examples:
Various catalogues, presentation materials, websites, catch phrases
/<strong>Legal Documents </strong>
Legal Documents
Torindo’s translations are provided by expert translators who have full and complete knowledge of the legal terminology, style, and culture of the target language.

Main examples:
Various contract documents, court documents
/<strong>Universities / Education </strong>
Universities / Education
Torindo has worked with numerous university clients, mainly from the Tokyo metropolitan area. We handle various types of materials from large-volume syllabus documents to materials for difficult science and technology lectures as well as university brochures aimed at Asian exchange students.

Main examples:
Scholarly papers, syllabus and course outlines, academic papers, lecture
/<strong>Tourism / Publishing</strong>
Tourism / Publishing
From early on, Torindo has provided services in Asian languages thanks to its partnerships with major publishing companies. In regard to inbound-related translations in particular, we can say that our track record is unmatched in the industry. Our in-house native speakers who have in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture provide easy-to-understand translations.

Main examples:
Pamphlets aimed at tourists visiting Japan, tourist information, regional promotional videos
Torindo offers English and multilingual translations for Japanese publications as well as Japanese translations for foreign (non-Japanese) publications. Expert translators specialized in the appropriate type of publication will accurately communicate the subtle nuances of the original text.

Main examples:
Technical magazines, business books, personal publications
/<strong>Culture / Sports</strong>
Culture / Sports
Torindo has established a reputation for highly specialized translations well-versed in each genre. We have a substantial track record in translations for specialized magazines as well as materials related to sports and entertainment. The information and literary style are fine-tuned to match each medium.

Main examples:
Architectural magazines, sports events information, materials related to music, traditional culture, cooking, recipes,
manga, anime, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games
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