Translation Flow
At Torindo, we provide high-quality translations through a work process carried out by native-speaker translators and proofreaders.
Inquiry / Quotation / Consultation / Interview

You will be asked for information regarding the field, volume, and languages involved in your project. If necessary, the project manager will directly meet with you to go over the details of the project.

Analysis of Translation Data / Formation of Project Team

The files to be translated will be analyzed to determine the accurate number of characters (or words), the amount of repeated text, and the amount of translated text that can be used from previous translations. Then, a project team will be formed in accordance with the volume and date of delivery.

Preparation of Reference Materials for Translation Work

We will prepare the reference materials to be used during the translation work such as a translation memory, style guide, and glossary.


A translator, who is a native-speaker of the target language, will carry out the translation.

Selection of a Native-speaker Translator
Although a translator may be a native speaker of the target language, if they do not have the required expert knowledge, they will not be able to choose the appropriate expressions for producing a quality translation. At Torindo, translation work is carried out only by translators who are experts in their respective specialized field as well as native speakers of the target language. Thus, we are able to provide translations that are easy to read to readers who are also experts in the specific field. We constantly strive to improve the quality of our translations not only in the selection of our translators, but also by evaluating and providing feedback for each individual translation job.


The translated document is checked against the original source document for any mistranslations or untranslated passages. It is also checked to confirm that the document was translated according to the style guide, glossary, and other reference materials that were provided.

Desktop Publishing / Layout Editing

The text of the completed translation is then imported into DTP software for layout processing. Necessary editing is carried out, according to each target language.

Final Inspection / Delivery Check

After DTP is completed, final inspection before delivery is carried out. Then, the finalized document is delivered to the client.

Delivery / Feedback

Any feedback received after delivery is managed by project and is referred to when handling future translations.

urgent requests, please call us.
For urgent requests, please call us.