Supported Languages
This is a list of the languages handled at Torindo.
We will support your business in over 70 languages.
Please feel free to contact us regarding languages that are not listed here.
English French
German Spanish
Italian Dutch
Danish Norwegian
Romanian Finnish
Greek Swedish
Russian Ukrainian
Croatian Slovene
Polish Portuguese
Czech Hungarian
Slovak Turkish
Estonian Catalan
Serbian Bulgarian
Macedonian Latvian
Lithuanian Albanian
Icelandic Armenian
Asia / Middle East / Africa
Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese
Korean Thai
Vietnamese Malay
Indonesian Japanese
Arabic Hebrew
Persian Kazakh
Lao Khmer
Myanmar Tagalog
Hindi Urdu
Bengali Gujarati
Uzbek Mongolian
Swahili Afrikaans
Zulu Luo
North America / Latin America
English French
Spanish Portuguese
urgent requests, please call us.
For urgent requests, please call us.