Manual Production
Torindo offers comprehensive assistance in the “Three Layers” of the manual production process.

You can look at the manual production process as having three layers or phases which are the “planning,” “manual design,” and “production” phases.
Torindo can provide a client with support for just one of these layers or all three, according to what the client needs.


Torindo can answer your plan proposal or consultation needs regarding any manual.
We will analyze the quality of an existing manual.
We will make suggestions for manual production of the next model, using the previous manual as reference.
Furthermore, we will make suggestions for updating a manual to meet market needs, such as reducing the number of pages or creating an on-line version.

Manual Design

Technical Writing
The manual is created in the source language (either Japanese or English) from scratch.
Layout Design
A basic design that is suitable as a manual as well as for the specific end user is created and suggested.


Technical illustrations are drawn up from photographs or CAD data collected from studying the actual equipment.
The illustrations required in a manual, such as exploded view diagrams or the display screen of the operation panel, are also created.
Not only can Torindo handle the work related to the production of a Japanese or English manual which will become the base document, but we can also handle the production and DTP work for multilingual manuals based on existing base documents.
We also offer comprehensive support required for the transition from traditional translation to translation using SDL Trados/semi-automatic DTP formatting.

With an integrated production environment, Torindo answers its clients’ needs from the creation of original documents to the production of manuals for countries across the globe.
We guarantee the provision of the best solutions and high-quality manual production.

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