Last year, Japan welcomed its new Reiwa era. As if in celebration of this, Japan’s national rugby team, fondly known by locals as the “Brave Blossoms,” lived up to their motto of “One Team” and fought their way to the Top 8 of the Rugby World Cup held in Japan. This ranking was a first for the Japanese team, sending waves of excitement throughout the country. This year is finally the year of the Tokyo Olympics. I expect that the Olympics too will bring us countless dramatic moments, and once again bring exhilaration to the whole of Japan.

The year 2020 marks the 40th year since Torindo’s founding in 1980, and a decade since 2010 when we became a part of the CDS Group, a member of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Since our founding, Torindo has been focusing on Japanese to English, English to Japanese, and multilingual translations with an emphasis on quality and the use of native translators, backed by our ISO 17100 certification. In addition, we also provide documentation services to prepare the base for these translations. From Japanese and English technical writing to downstream processes such as editing and printing in a variety of fields including industrial machinery, precision machinery, automobiles, heavy machinery, medical equipment, architecture, public and investor relations, law, arts, universities and education, tourism, and publications, our comprehensive and diverse services offer solutions to all of our clients’ needs.

Moreover in recent years, we have been proactively applying new technologies to our translation services, and providing new suggestions to our clients. Our new range of services, including machine-assisted translations, translation consulting, document management, CAD data translations, and automated website multilingual translations, is expanding by the day.

In the past 10 years, we have welcomed many new employees to our Company. At present, employees who have joined the Company since Torindo became a part of the CDS Group make up almost half of our staff, and together with our experienced employees, our staff work as “One Team” to achieve wonderful success.

With our pride as a long-established, first-class brand in the translation industry, Torindo will continue to strive to earn the trust of each of our clients and maximize customer satisfaction, advancing on our journey with vigor along with every one of our employees.

January 2020
Takashi Wada