Team of Highly-skilled Specialists
Technical writers who are experts in their respective specialized fields
Communicating technical information accurately. This may sound simple, but it actually requires extremely high technical communication skills.
Torindo’s well-experienced technical writers create text that convey the subject accurately and act as a bridge of communication between the client and their clients. Simple and concise sentences, which prevent misunderstandings, are written utilizing technical writing skills and used as the source text in the translation process that follows, greatly eliminating the possibility of mistranslations.
Torindo boasts a long track record in technical writing in both Japanese and English.
/Technical writers who are experts in their respective specialized fields
Global translation resources network
From its founding, Torindo has continued to build a multilayered and diverse global resource network.
In addition to Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese translations, we currently offer translation services in over 70 languages including Asian languages, European languages, African, Middle Eastern as well as other rare languages. We also handle direct translations (without the use of English) from Japanese to Asian languages and from rare languages to Japanese.
Not only do we support a variety of languages, we also specialize in a wide range of translation fields, enabling us to respond to the diverse needs of clients and allowing our clients quick access to fast-growing overseas markets.
/Global translation resources network
Translation coordinators who offer attentive services
The quality of a translation greatly depends not only on the translator’s ability, but also on the skills of the translation coordinator who acts as a go-between between the client and translator.
At Torindo, a translation coordinator who has obtained SDL Project Manager Certification is exclusively assigned to a client and acts as a go-between between the client and translator, repeatedly handling questions and suggestions until a quality translation for the client is completed.
/Translation coordinators who offer attentive services