Use of Next-generation Technology
Active adoption of the latest technology
With the emergence of machine translation powered by AI engines, the translation process has been reconstructed and new translation needs stemming from content that was not translated up to now have also emerged. At Torindo, a translation is carried out by a professional translator or by machine translation selected from various engines, depending on the requirements. The most suitable combination of solutions is implemented.
/Active adoption of the latest technology
Use of past assets
Torindo has a long-standing, solid track record of using SDL Trados Studio, the computer-assisted translation tool, and takes pride in its extensive knowledge regarding the management and use of translation assets. In the AI era that we have entered, past translation assets are becoming more and more valuable. Torindo realizes the accumulation and maximum use of high-quality translation data by skillfully combining machine translation and other next-generation technology with Trados as a translation project platform.
/Use of past assets
Development of applications specific to each project
At Torindo, in addition to the use of various technology, applications specific to each project are swiftly developed, creating new value.
Without being constrained by existing solutions, we promptly respond to clients’ various documentation needs.
/Development of applications specific to each project