Technical Writing
Are you having problems?
Getting complaints from other divisions regarding the quality of your manuals?
Frequently receiving questions from users regarding how to use your products?

Requirements for High-Quality Technical Writing

Written in a simple style using easy-to-understand words
Precise and well-organized content
Uniformity throughout the document based on a style guide with rules regarding how titles are written, how terminology is used, even how particles are used
Improved visibility and comprehensibility through visualization
Keeping the number of pages to an amount that’s not a burden to users, while containing all necessary information without omission

Key Features of Torindo’s Technical Writing

The Table of Contents
We obtain an overall understanding of the product and analyze which information the users will need as well as the level of importance for each piece of such information and the frequency of use.
From there, the information is organized, ranked, and then divided into levels to create the table of contents.
The first step towards creating a manual with high customer satisfaction is structuring a manual that is both easy to understand and easy to use.
Writing Skills
If materials such as the design specifications and similar documents are available, the writing process can be started even if the specifications of a product have not been finalized.
The manual can be completed by revising the content to reflect any specification changes made during the product design phase and performing operation checks using the actual product.
In addition to client requests, we will offer any suggestions regarding improvement, as professionals in the field, in order to create a manual with superior usability.
Upon gaining thorough knowledge of operation procedures, Torindo’s technical writers will propose a method of distribution and searchability of the manual based on the end user’s perspective.
Selection of Information
Repeatedly including the same piece of information or including specifications only necessary in the designing phase will result in the creation of a manual with too much information.
By omitting unnecessary information and cutting down the total number of pages, not only is usability increased, but total production costs are also reduced.

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